Choose the plan that's right for you

Pricing in USD paid annually


For traders with limited and ad hoc usage

$50 / month

Up to $100K per annum in sales

Up to 10K units per annum in volume

Tender sales format

Batch sales (Lots)


For teams that sell on a regular basis and need more sales formats

$200 / month

Everything in the Basic plan

✓ Up to $500K per annum in volume

✓ Up to 15K units per annum in volume

✓ Tender & auction sales formats

✓ Bid extensions

✓ Multi-currency options

✓ User access levels


More bandwidth and options for the plus-sized teams

$1,000 / month

Everything in the Standard plan

Up to $2.5M per annum in sales

Up to 100K units per annum in volume

SKU line bidding

Set benchmarks for lots and SKUs

Invite approved buyers for participation


Security, compliance and flexibility for specialist firms and business units

$5,000 / month

Everything in the Plus plan

Up to $10M in per annum sales

100K+ units per annum in volume

Communications management

Company branding

Branded subdomain URL

Dashboard - coming soon

Buyer grouping - coming soon


For large enterprises that require a customised solution

Contact us

Custom workflows

Document management

eSignatures - coming soon

Payment gateway - coming soon

API integrations - coming soon

"We were able to streamline the entire auction process and quickly award the highest bidder."

– John, Sales Operations

Frequently asked questions

What currency is used on the platform?

Private accounts can set their transaction currency of choice. Popular currencies are USD, EUR and AUD.

Can Reflow Hub see our userbase and data?

No we can't, in fact, we're unable to help in the scenario where you amend or delete data within your account.

Can I try the private tenancy before I signup?

Yes you can! If you fill the contact form, we'll be in touch to setup a trial account.

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